AWS detailed billing with resources and tags

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04/08/2014 Bart Van Hecke

To get a complete overview of your Amazon Web Services usage based on resource usage and tags, you need to enable detailed billing within your AWS account.
In order to accomplish this, browse to your AWS Account Billing Preferences


Billing Preferences



  • First, enable the “Monthly report” to be able to receive a detailed report of your AWS usage.
  • Secondly, you’ll need to enable “Receive Billing Reports” and create an Amazon S3 Bucket in which estimated and monthly billing reports can be stored
  • Once the Amazon S3 Bucket has been created, you must apply appropriate permissions to your S3 bucket through a Bucket Policy to allow reports to be published. A policy grants AWS access to publish your report to your bucket.
    To add the policy to your bucket, you will need to sign in to the AWS Console and add permissions to your bucket. For more information, please review Editing Bucket PermissionsBelow is an Amazon S3 Bucket sample policy:



Once you created your S3 Bucket, you’ll be able to activate “receive billing reports” and verify your S3 bucket policy. When your S3 bucket is validated, you can save your preferences and AWS will deliver these detailed billing reports to your Amazon S3 Bucket.



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