Things we like

• Amazon Web Services (obviously)
• CloudCheckr, New Relic, CloudWatch, DataDog, Slack, OpsGenie …
• Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Jenkins, CloudFormation
• Docker, Elastic Container Service
• Ruby/Python/PHP/Java/…
• Various OS’es: CentOS, Ubuntu, Suse, Debian, RedHat, and yes even Windows
• Networking and core Internet protocols (e.g. TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP, HTTP, and distributed networks)
• Different database technologies, including MySQL, DynamoDB, Aurora, MS SQL and NoSQL databases
• Web platforms like Drupal, Intershop, Adobe Experience Manager, SAP Hybris, Magento, Alfresco, …
• Atlassian Suite: Jira, Confluence


Current Job Opening: Cloud & DevOps Engineers



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