AWS Reselling & Cost Optimization

“Lowering the Cost of Failure Drives Innovation”

AWS Reselling Benefits

We handle the intricacies of AWS billing. Our customers get a simple invoice from us in local currency at no additional cost and without any uplift on the official AWS price.
We are responsible for the customer relationship end-to-end: from sales, account provisioning and management to support and billing, we create and manage AWS accounts on behalf of the customers. (No credit card is required!)
We don’t simply resell the AWS services, but we can provide our customers with professional cost optimization services if needed.

"Driving costs down for our customers is part of the DNA of Amazon and therefore also part of the DNA of AWS"
Werner Vogels, CTO & VP

Always build with cost in mind

Cloud computing requires continuous monitoring, analysis and adjustment to ensure that you are not wasting resources and that the resources you are investing in are driving your business forward. At Cloudar we can assist our customers to analyze their AWS services and pricing options to make sure that they are only paying for what they need – drastically reducing their monthly spend.
Thanks to our tight relationship with CloudCheckr we can offer our customers a complete cost optimization platform if required.


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