Our Cloud Consulting Services help to maximize your investment in the AWS Cloud and thereby the value and benefit of its entire cloud IT infrastructure. Our consultants can assist in all phases of the IT systems management life-cycle: adoption, assessment and evaluation, compliance and customization.


“Design for Failure“. Well-architected cloud applications assume that anything can fail. At Cloudar we have made it our mission to challenge the ordinary and therefore we are more than happy to assist you in building applications and a robust cloud infrastructure resilient to failure.


Want to move to AWS, but not sure where to start? We can assist to move existing on-premise, co-located services to AWS. Our Cloud Migration Service is an end-to-end service focussed on ensuring optimal performance, agility, security, risk mitigation and cost minimization.


Our team of certified AWS engineers can fully manage your AWS-based infrastructure. We will ensure that your operations are reliable, compliant & secure. We can provide AWS infrastructure monitoring, automated backups, 24/7 support, guaranteed SLA’s and a dedicated service delivery engineer if necessary.


Our tailor-made workshops and custom training are designed to help you deliver cloud-based solutions using the AWS platform. We provide introductory workshops for AWS ‘newbies’ but we also help Solutions Architects, Systems Operators and Developers to design, develop and operate available, efficient and secure applications on the AWS cloud.


Cloud Billing is rocket science! We handle the intricacies of AWS billing which means that our customers get an easy to understand invoice from us every month at no additional cost and without any uplift on the official AWS price. If required we can give our customers additional insights in their AWS resource usage and optimize costs. No credit card required!