AWS Migration Expertise & Guidance

The decision has been made, common sense has prevailed, you are migrating to AWS!
Now what? Where to start?
Luckily Cloudar has a lot of experience in guiding customers in migrating to AWS, as well as executing the actual migration from start to finish and even beyond in our 24*7 Managed Services offering.

Migrate to AWS seamlessly with us

There is no cookie-cutter playbook that will fit all migrations. Starting from discovery and planning workshops, we will come up with a migration roadmap that is best suited for your organization. We will take into account all factors that have an impact, such as time pressure and deadlines, current state of the environment, types of applications and technology used, storage and network requirements and a lot more.

Based on the outcome, we will define the strategy. It can range from a standard Lift and Shift, over an overhaul of your landscape to a complete redesign of your existing applications. All this to get the most benefits out of the advantages of the cloud: reliability, high availability using multiple Data Centers (Availability Zones) and cost-effectiveness.

Depending on the time available, we can migrate first and optimize later or we can make the optimization part of the migration project. And yes, we can even offer and support 100% cloud native solutions together with the help of our preferred partner Cloudway.

"The cloud is no longer relegated to handling ancillary jobs, but is quickly becoming the base for mission critical — or even all — enterprise IT operations.
The Cloud is the new normal…"
Andy Jasse, CEO Amazon Web Services

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